JUNE FAVORITES (Clutches, and Shoes, and Bracelets, OH MY!)

Hey Friends! You see the picture you so you know what time it is! JUNE FAVORITES! Today is all about my go-to items this month to shine BRIGHT all summer. Here we go!

Custom Vans- Lucky Lo Designs

DAMN DANIEL! WITH THE (not so white) VANS! If you want your shoe game bright and tight hit up my girl Lauren!  She is a true artist and each pair is painted by hand with your requests in mind. I mean look at the shoes! What is there left to say?!?! Find her and all of her one-of-a-kind designs on IG and on Etsy.

Milk and Honey- Rupi Kaur

I can’t have a Favorites post without a good book. Rupi Kaur’s poetry is short, potent, and straight to the heart. If the words don’t catch you, the refreshing illustrations will do the trick. I almost done reading based on the pages left but I am NOT ready to finish. Beautiful work.

Lip Gloss- NYX Sponge Cake

I haven’t found a Matte lip finish that I love, so UNTIL then I am sticking with gloss. It’s also surprisingly long lasting with juuuuust enough sparkle to leave on the wine glass. Sheer,sexy, and budget-friendly. Find it here.

Clutch- Klutch Queen Collection

I teased you with the African Print Clutch but I am back again with a new Bae- My stripes and floral clutch takes the cake this month. Hand-made Queendom with ALL the fixins! Soft, clean, and unique. Get you some here!

Necklace- Charlotte Russe

Tribal necklaces are still trending and this one is FIT for the Queen (of DRAGONS, ok!) I find myself dressing up solid v-necks with this over the top hardware. LOVE it!

Belt- C4 Belts

If Otterbox made belts then THIS is what they would be like! You pick your colors and then you give back to the community. C4 has stolen my social working heart with its mission of sharing their proceeds with four partnered charities. Aside from C4 belts maintaining high levels of awesome-ness I have to mention that you cut them to fit (so they are always a perfect length) and they are basically indestructible. You should see the video of the belts being rolled over by a car. Great for folks who have an active lifestyle and have dealt with the nasty sweaty leather smell. YIKES!

Bracelets- Alex And Ani

 I know! I know! I fell into the charm bracelet TRAP! I tweeted Alex And Ani about how I was pretty anti-charm bracelet but luckily they changed my mind. They politely tweeted back:

 @trickyvibes We love that you love our bangles! (+) #charmedarms #madewithlove.”

Easy to accessories, and glamorous when stacked. Check them out here!

And that’s all for now! Stay tuned to some GREAT NEWS I have to share next week #ontheblog. If you liked any of the items in this post make sure to share via FB, and @ me on Twitter and Instagram! Love yall! BYYYEE!