Kick-Ass Diva's and KODA NIVOLI

The spotlight is always on girl! Shine, Slay and Sip #Lemonade with me!

This week is all about taking charge, kicking ass, and taking names! Every time I hashtag #boss on Instagram and Twitter I see a flood of ladies who are independent, hard-working, and are “take-no-BS” kinda QUEENS! This outfit and this gorgeous purse by KODA NIVOLI are inspired by the ladies who keep it classy but aren’t afraid to get a lil’ ratchet too. Sometimes we (Me, You, and the Beyhive) have to remind the rest of the world that we all are competent, sophisticated, and unapologetically strong.

2016 is the year of women’s empowerment, business, and community (yes, I am speaking it into existence.) Partnering with powerful women in business has always been a goal here #ontheblog so today I am teaming up with Ksenija Dias of KODA NIVOLI since I called her about her beautiful bags-but ended up interrogating her a little (MY BAD friend) and getting inspiration at the same time!

Career woman Ksenija Dias is the ass-kicking CEO diva behind KODA NIVOLI. As an entrepreneurial mom of two, Ksenija is a personal trainer by day, and a boxer by night. (While I was being nosy) I found out that she was the first woman in her city to open her own boxing studio (that makes her a #boss). Mrs.Dias is a Canada native who used her daughter’s names (Olivia & Anivia) and their flare for fabulousness to create the brand KODA NIVOLI- the prestigious brand of high quality handbags and accessories.

SO! The OUTFIT! The romper ensemble I’m modeling is great for those toasty Texas days, or a brunch meeting with the girls. Nothing says casual chic like a jumpsuit or a romper. Since the color creme is flattering on ALL skin tones and screams elegance I realized this is a perfect match for my classic black pumps and this TOTE….

Lemme give you ALL the deets on my KODA NIVOLI tote girl! (hair flip left, hair flip right!) 

When I received my Signature BLADE tote I was in shock! The luxury box packaging was excellent and I was completely blown away by the sleek touches. This tote is 100% (ethically and responsibly sourced) leather with black suede details that can take any look over the top! The interior lining is cotton and loaded with card, cell phone, and zipper pockets. I was also surprised to find a detachable mini-wallet, dust bag, and well-wrapped adjustable shoulder strap inside. This tote is PERFECT for US- the busy women on the grind.

For me the purse handles are very important because I am always breaking them- but KODA NIVOLI did not disappoint! These handles are strong and seamlessly designed into the body of the tote for a smooth, classy finish.  This is the LBD of purses- the simplistic design commands attention and is ideal for any occasion. As a gift to my awesome followers I am giving away a 15% off promo code (VIBES15) so that you can have a KODA NIVOLI Signature BLADE Tote of your own! It’s worth every coin ladies! Click here to go to site.

See you next week with Part II on Cleaning out that Closet!!!

 Romper: Rue 21


Jewerly: Michael Kors

Tote: KODA NIVOLI- click here to view and use my Promo Code VIBES15 at checkout!


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