Hey guys! Today I am teaming up with my friend and Soror (Zeta Sigma Chi Fo' LIFE) Erika Aparicio of The Indigo Run blog to give you the details of our spring inspired looks!

Erika: When is the spring equinox this year? In the south…that questions is irrelevant. Spring weather begins in March. No ifs, ands or buts. Even if Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow tells us we will have a long winter, I will be sweating like a sinner in church come late February. Because of how long a southern spring is, I get a little bit tired of and I run out of pastel, muted clothing. I like wearing jewel tones in the spring because they make me feel like a vibrant flower that is early in bloom.

A lot of the looks I put together are loud within themselves, so I’m not big on too many accessories. I love statement necklaces because they make me feel adorned and feminine, without making me feel overly accessorized. The necklace I wore is mother of pearl from the Philippines, so I liked that the green hues from the mother of pearl paired well with my green clutch. Ps. Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but that clutch is actually a cross-body bag that I made into a clutch.

Get creative and don’t be afraid of color this spring! Thank you Tricky Vibes for including my look in this post.

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Target

Bag: Target

Necklace: gift from The Philippines


Alisha: Meanwhile on the other side of the South (Texas) I am springing this bright orange dress over the top! I paired this dress with a blue green statement necklace fit for a queen- cuz' I was feeling' fancy. I added a cheetah print clutch and magenta heels and BAM! This is the loudest outfit I own and I could wear it everyday! This shift dress was a steal from Burlington Coat Factory and it has lasted through several seasons. Bright solids don't have to match they just have to "go" and as long as you wear it with confidence you will ALWAYS look fabulous. I add bright shoes to my wardrobe to keep things interesting, because- lets be real, you already have everything in Black! These pumps from the Jessica Simpson collection are a surprisingly good quality for the price and are comfortable enough for the daily work hustle. You should see me hoofin' it to court every week in all black and bright pink heels LOL. Stay trendy friends!

Dress:Burlington Coat Factory

Necklace: Burkes Outlet

Clutch: Forever 21

Shoes: Jessica Simpson


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