Part I of The Summer Dress Series: Picking a Trendy Dress

YAS, I had to do a series because there was WAY too much content for one post!  The Dayton, OH weather gods decided that it was actually spring this week so I shot my photos under this beautiful tree (and managed to dodge all 3,457 bees!) Part I, II, and III of the series are all about picking three essential dresses for your spring/summer wardrobe. Up first is the #TRENDY dress.  


What looks good on a mannequin today can look completely ridiculous the next day if it does not “go” with your life. I don’t encourage anyone to rid him or herself of an entire wardrobe and then buy new clothes every season, but we have to be honest with ourselves (and our lifestyle) when it comes to picking a trendy item. I had (have) a bad habit of buying clothing for my “fantasy job” versus my real job. My previous job required closed toes shoes year-round, suits for court, heels almost everyday, etc. Instead of shopping for functional pieces for my job I would shop for items I would wear on a vacation or a fancy dinner. Then I would be upset with myself for spending money on clothing I only wore twice a year or stuck trying to make a dinner dress work-appropriate. NO. Don’t be like me.

My new rule of thumb is that every time I buy an item I ensure that it matches with three other items I wear weekly.  THINK “ Will this still be cute in two years?” I know you can’t predict the future, but timeless pieces with trendy touches are the best choice! Tread lightly with the trends as you replace that bodycon dress for some flowy refinement. RIP to the bodycon dresses that are gathering dust in the back of our closets. I feel you!

Looking for guidance on Spring/Summer 2017 trends? Check out my trend forecast here!

Nothing says chic like any item of clothing that looks effortless! The dress I am wearing (aka the “off the shoulder showstoppah”) falls under the post-minimalism neutral trend.  LOL, that’s French for luxurious fabric, pale and muted palettes of color, and an ensemble that doesn’t beg for attention (but gets it anyway, hair flip!) My “barely there” A cups and I are showing up with this simple but classy dress from TOBI. The quality of the liner and dress are superb. I'm not constantly worrying about raising my arm up and ripping the dress in half.

OR WORSE- permanently staining it with deodorant. Don’t act like you don’t know!!! The fabrics used are soft but durable..... and don’t look (or feel) cheap. It also has adjustable straps, which is NOT common! Adjustable straps are a blessing for the tall girls who turn every dress into a turtleneck because the straps are too short. Imagine my excitement when I go to a dressing room, try on a dress that fits my body, but then the straps are so short the bust cups are at my collar bone basically choking me. HOW?! HOW SWAY?! Anyways- TOBI has mastered the breezy LA, California aesthetic, so if this is your style check out the link for this dress and more here. 

What trends are you shopping now? Have you checked out the Tobi site before? Have you ever been choked by a bust cup? LOL Comment and subscribe below! Check out my Facebook page for videos. Bye!