The Secret To Always Looking "Put Togetha!"

I usually post encouragement and jokes....but this week I had to tell you my (not so complicated) secret! 

I get stopped all the time and people ask me "How do you shop for clothes?" or they say "I want to look nice, but I don't have time to get all dressed up in the morning!" LISTEN, you always have time and you probably have the wardrobe too! Here is the fastest and easiest way to update every look every day without breaking the bank.

 The formula for always looking "put togetha" is the following:


Let me explain! We all know you have to wear clothes (legally) so no need wasting time telling you about the law of the land. The +1 Rule is what brings EVERYTHING TOGETHA! Adding one additional piece of clothing or an accessory to your outfit is what takes every outfit from law-abiding citizen to OUTLAW.  

Take for example my outfit. This outfit without the plus one is extraordinarily BASIC since it's a black dress and knee high boots. BUT- once I added this umm... polar-bear-koala-bear-fuzzy-pet-opossum-vest-on-my back.... LOL, it turns into a seemingly over the top ensemble!

Tshirt+Jeans+Sneakers= Boring

Tshirt+Jeans+Sneakers+Jacket (Bomber Jacket, Denim Jacket, Moto Jacket)= PUT TOGETHA

Sweater dress+leggings+boots= Pumpkin Spice BASIC but I still love ya!

Sweater dress+leggings+boots+ Accessory (hat, scarf, jacket)= Pinterest-ready fashion model

The +1 rule allows you to get creative and tells the world "Hey! I actually thought about how I wanted to look today!" instead of rolling out of bed and just showin' up.  The +1 is also where you rotate trendy pieces, so when you are out shopping and want to update your look these +1 pieces are usually the most featured because they change every season

+1 pieces this season:

  • Jackets
  • Scarves
  • Ties
  •  Wide Brim Hats
  • Vests (Fur or Velvet)
  • Poncho/Blanket 

Simple as that. Try it for a week and then make it a habit.

What tips do you use to keep yourself looking fly? Comment below! And stay tuned for my completion of those DARES I told you about...because I'm sure eating dog treats will be entertaining for you to watch. Subscribe below for extra fun in your inbox. See you soon! 


Sweater Dress: Target

Polar Bear Koala Bear Fuzzy Pet Opossum Vest: Target

Boots: Azure Boutique Here, (click here for previous review)

Hair: Renown Hair Dayton here

Purse: KODA NIVOLI (click here for my review)