The Subtle Art Of Being Happy and B.S. Free At Twenty-Something

The Subtle Art Of Being Happy and B.S. Free At Twenty-Something

I’m experiencing a profound transformation in my life right now. The amount of F$&Ks I give about people I don’t like or things I don’t wish to do are at a lifetime low, AND I AM SO HAPPY OMGOMGOMG. I am FULL Porsha Stewart right now. Here’s why:


We must accept that we are our own worst enemies.

When I began this blog almost a year and a half ago I knew my level of enjoyment would dip from time to time. Blogging is a thrilling hobby, but there are spells of time that require diligent work, business pitches, and “sorry for my late response” emails until my untimely death, etc. What I didn’t expect was the amount of pressure I put on myself pleasing people that don’t have my best interest in mind....or any interest in mind, for that matter!

I correspond with roughly one hundred and fifty people per day (yes, I counted for real, don’t PLAY ME like that) through email, phone, social media, oooh and in REAL LIFE. Out of all one hundred and fifty people maaaaaaaybe five of those people care about my well-being (and can actually spell my name correctly). While I was in bed one night (nursing myself back to health after a third degree hot chocolate mouth burn) a revelation washed over my brain. My love for connecting with people is ever-growing and constant, BUT I spend way too much time connecting with folks who add no value to my life.  We (yep, you too) need to cut it out.

So, I stopped giving all my precious F$&Ks away. Here’s a fantastic video explaining my new mantra.

Long story short- the only expectations you need to live up to are your own. Pour your time, money, and energy into your joy. Everything (and ‘everyone’) else will fall into place. 

Success does not equal happiness. 

Is it just me or do you feel pressure to constantly set a new goal when you’ve JUST achieved one?!? When we meet someone new the questions are the same; What do you do? (Because our value is tied to our employment somehow *rolls eyes*) What are your goals? Where do see yourself in five years? Are you a Russian bot? LOL. 

No, I’m not here to stomp on your dreams. That’s fake news. Your dreams are valid, *ahem*, HOWEVER, prioritizing your life around your “goals for success” are problematic. I’m not preaching about overworking, or having a healthy WERK/life balance because EVERYONE has “talked” these topics to death! We need to seriously evaluate what makes us truly happy and how our measurement of “success” should be tied to the amount of joy we are experiencing in day to day life versus ever-climbing career goals. Luckily for you, there’s a perfect video I watched earlier this week that was the icing on the cake! Watch this:

I’m guilty of pre-stressing about future stress. We’re all guilty of feeling like we fell short on a goal because WE moved the target. We’re all guilty of putting work before family or fun.  I’m not telling you to go off-grid and leave your family behind because that would be your ultimate happiness (and that’s messed up if you thought about it Susan, you need a vacation. Ol’ selfish butt). We need to make happiness a priority. Let’s all be done with the “living to work” mentality. Chase happiness and success will follow. 

You need to make happiness a priority.

 Give time and energy to what brings you joy. Take time to rediscover what happiness is for you. Keep your F$&ks handy for the people and things that matter. Finding happiness is success!

Create a life you look forward to living every day.

What do you need to change today? What’s been holding you back? Sub and comment below.

See you soon. 

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