2018 Fashion Trend Forecast You Need To Read

2018 Fashion Trend Forecast You Need To Read

GURL, you know I would never tell you EXACTLY what to wear, but I love to offer suggestions on what the fashion world is handing to you this year! Here are nine trends to watch in 2018 and how to make each look your own. 

Overalls & Coveralls:  If you love this blue-collar casual look then 2018 is the year to GO FOR IT. We have ascended past the romper (and Romp-him) for the OG onesie. To make this look your own head to your local thrift store to purchase and *lightly* distress your up-cycled new find.

Pro-Tip: Search for denim in all color washes, but don’t forget about other suitable fabrics like corduroy for the next Polar Vortex.  Make sure they are not TOO tight. It kills the casual vibe. AND PIN MY PHOTOS BC I DID A THING AND NOW ALL MY PHOTOS ARE PINNABLE!

Check print: Nothing says “hipster millennial” like check print. Pair check print with unexpected colors and florals for spring OR keep it black, white, and minimal. It “goes” with everything. 

Pro-Tip: Raid mom and grandmas closet. They have FULL suits hidden away with shoulder pads you can easily remove. Trust me and your tailor. 

Lavender:  #ISSAcolor but it’s back. Say goodbye to blush and olive (unless that’s your aesthetic jam, then keep doing you, boo.) You don’t have to look far to find your favorite shade of lilac or periwinkle :)

Pro-Tip: SOFT purple hues, not too much deep purple. Don’t go FULL Barney & Friends. I loved that show OMG, but don’t go full “dinosaur sensation.”

Satin: Slip dresses slid in the fashion world two years ago but now we are taking it back 90’s with flowy skirts and blousy silhouettes.

Pro-Tip: I recommend purchasing brand new satin items. Most satin pieces in thrift shops are suspect or stained like a mofo. That Arby’s curly fry grease may never come out. Don’t waste your time. 

Fringe accessories: I barely like the fringe on the end of my scarves but here we go AGAIN with fringe. Stringy a** fringe purses, jackets, and shoe details hit the runways last year.

Pro-Tip: Soooo.....*deep sigh* if you haven’t donated that bag of accessories from 2004 then pull that little black purse back out, wipe it down with a wet wash rag, and shoot your shot. It’s 2018. Live your best life.

Subtle sparkle: The girly-girl in all of us can appreciate understated sequins. Look for minimal dazzle with maximum style on outerwear like sequin jackets.

Pro-Tip: If at first you don’t succeed,....just wear all black. 

60’s Floral Print: I don’t have a lot of floral either but you can “FOREVER SUMMER” your closet up with this granny print trend. Belt it, set it, and forget it! 

Pro-Tip: Stick to adding prints the way you always do (one or two) at a time. It’s easy to overdo floral and look like you tried too hard. 

90’s Denim and Grunge: *music notes* HERE WE ARE NOW, ENTERTAIN US! The Nirvana 90’s band tees are taking a break after suffering a great wave of distressing with bleach (they still look cool right now tho, lowkey)-HOWever, the rest of the 90’s grunge look is coming your way. Heavy boots like Doc Martens, metalware details, and large red plaid are resurfacing with QUALITY pieces at the forefront. 

Pro-Tip: If grunge is your full time aesthetic then you’ll be annoyed and entertained.  If not then Pinterest is your friend. The Avril Lavigne lookalikes ARE coming. 


Massive Logos: Brands like Champion, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger (are we still boycotting him?) are taking over with their supersized logo print shirts and athleisure adages.

Pro-Tip: I hate to say it but Kylie Jenner kills this look. For more non-preggo inspiration hit up Pinterest for “logo tee street style” especially from dozens of AMAZING Asian style bloggers. 

Weeeeell, now that we’ve talked about what’s in WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT WHAT IS OUT! Are we really done with Bomber Jackets, flared jeans, crop tops, etc? Comment below and pin my photos, k? THEEENKS

See you soon!