My Ultimate Beauty Product Round Up!

My Ultimate Beauty Product Round Up!

Yes, I missed your face too! It's been too long! I am finally able to gather all of my favorite beauty products and share them with you. Blah, blah, blah intro. Just know that if I took time to write down positive thoughts on a product then it is worth a try! Let's hop right into it!

Carbon Coco Activated Charcoal Whitening System

Yes, it's sponsored but YESSS it works well. I've been approached by several companies for teeth whitening systems but THIS product is one that has my loyalty. My choppers get crazy sensitive after whitening but THIS JOINT RIGHT HERE?!!? I have absolutely no sensitivity at all when I use Carbon Coco. I mean it's no risk teeth whitening at its finest.  Dip my toothbrush in water, then the charcoal powder. Brush. Rinse. Done. It's odorless, tasteless, and don't have any sort of burning sensation afterwards. It's a win. You could probably use it every day and never have an issue. Check out the review that I will be posting to my Youtube Channel shortly. #ad LINK TO PRODUCT HERE


If your want your melanin poppin (and I'm including all levels of melanin, darkest to lightest) Bio Oil is life. I typically mix Bio-Oil with my regular lotion and I apply it to my skin after I take a shower every single day. It has cleared up most of my stretch marks and it smells like my childhood. I couldn't put my finger on what it smelled and it bothered me for about a month before I googled it and saw that it smells like Avon's Skin So Soft. THROWBACK! I wouldn't suggest putting it on your face though.  You will be one shiny penny! If being labeled as slim thick is still valid, then I would like to fall into this category so I can justify more use. LINK TO PRODUCT HERE.

Laura Mercier Lightstruck Highlight Palette

So this is the first time I've ever use a Laura Mercier products but I'm slightly impressed. The highlight palette works for all skin types! If you have no clue how to apply highlight then this is the palette for you. There are a ton of Youtube videos and mini-tutorials on the web to get you right. I don't use a brush since all of the colors included are cream-based. I use my ol' fat fingers and apply as needed. Easy Peasy #ad LINK TO PRODUCT HERE

Mary-Kay Lash Love Waterproof Mascara

I wear waterproof mascara EVERY SINGLE DAY. Why? Because my face is so oily regular mascara comes off after a few hours but waterproof stays on even when I work up a sweat at the gym after work. I have tried a number of waterproof mascaras but most of the time one DROP of sweat gets close to that lash and BAM there is like a chemical surge in my eyeball and it stings so bad, my contacts disappear, I drive off a cliff,  student loans start calling. CHAOS. Not this one tho! This gets the job done, and STICKS! You really have to take makeup remover and oils to get it off. Love it. Get some Mary Kay from my fam-> HERE.

Almay One-Coat Triple Effect Mascara

Since I don't wear false lashes Almay mascara has been my go-to for Saturday night extra-ness. The wand is two-sided with one for lengthening and one for volume. Unlike the waterproof Mary Kay mascara its MUCH easier to remove at night. Really thick and really legit. PRODUCT LINK HERE!

Palmer's Skin Lightening Fade Cream

Honestly, I had a lot of mixed feelings about posting that I use I fade cream into my beauty product review because they're so much backlash about skin lightening. I love myself and my skin, but when I get a pimple (after I pop it because I have NO self control)  that pimple eventually turns into a new dark planet on my face and it drives me nuts! "Hyper pigmentation" blah blah blah. I rarely use it, but when I do use it it's very effective in a short amount of time. I usually apply the cream after doing a mud mask or a charcoal mask before I go to bed. TRUST me- I am not trying to be #teamlightskin, I'm just trying to be team even skin! I'm sure the jar that I have is expired because I've been using it for over two years. It's also great for your legs and scarring discoloration. PRODUCT LINK HERE!

Bare Minerals Skin Brightening Foundation

This foundation is good for folks with dry skin, it's a bit oily (instead of being full of chemicals and alcohols) but it makes for a great dewy finish. The consistency is MEGA light and the liquid dispenses one drop at a time (and you only need 2 drops to cover your entire face). It's actually supposed to be purchased with a small round brush that's shallow in the middle to add your drops. CHIIILLE when I did have that wonderful brush I used it to death. It literally fell apart because I used it religiously. I haven't replaced it yet (because BM brushes are expensive!) PRODUCT LINK HERE

Bare Minerals Mineral Foundation Powder

BM has years of my loyalty. They changed their loose powder containers to dispense like a salt shaker so now you won't have powder all over your bathroom. I've used the same Kabuki brushes for years as well. Save yourself the breakouts and switch to Bare Minerals. Your skin needs to breathe! The mask of Mac is great for photos but you're pretty with less. LESS IS MORE. PRODUCT LINK HERE

Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Radiant Firming Makeup

I have to start taking preventive measures now so I can look like Angela Bassett in the future. I use this foundation for days when I take blog photos and it snatches the Chanel bags under my eyes all the way UP! I knew it was serious business when it had a fold-out attached to bottle of 'active ingredients.' If you don't like Bare Minerals or you feel like the coverage is too light, give this a try.

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer

I am always surprised by price points for concealer. Call me cheap but my first thought is "WHY is concealer 3x more expensive then any other make-up item?!" If you are in the market for a new concealer but prefer to stay on the 'affordable' side of Ulta (don't act like y'all haven't realized Ulta makeup is separated by cheap and expensive on opposite sides of the store.) The NYX Photogenix Concealer is on the affordable side of Ulta under $12 and works exceptionally well. PRODUCT LINK HERE!

Ulta Shiny Sheer Lip Gloss

Well- since we are on the 'affordable' side of the store I have to brag on the Ulta brand. I was pleasantly surprised by their lip gloss game. I literally use it everyday and I am scraping the sides of the bottle right now. You can't really mess up sheer lip gloss, and the consistency of this lip gloss feels high-end. I put that ish over everything. $4.50 is unbeatable! PRODUCT LINK HERE! 

Mikasa Lemon Drop Sponge

If you use your fingers to do all of your makeup then consider a sponge as a trendy alternative to brushes. Sponges are underrated! They are gentle on your skin, easier to travel with than an entire brush set, and when you add water to a sponge you take your eyeshadows to a whole other level. PRODUCT LINK HERE.

Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Highlighting Kit

The GlowUp is so real. It's one thing to have a natural glow. It's a whole other thing to be RADIANT. The set makes me RADIANT AF! The base/primer is actually a quality primer and held my makeup in place all day- even after going to the gym. The pen gives you that inner-eye " I'm awake even though I'm tired" sparkle for your tear ducts.  I also must mention that the pen is rounded so it's easier to apply. The highlight bronzer is the hero. I've tried a ton of bronzers (cheap and expensive Ulta) and this Burberry one is on TOP of the list. The bronze flakes are larger and powder base is prismatic and iridescent enough to work for women with darker skin. Shiny and sparkly, but not over the top. Many highlights I've tried have a silvery blue finish but this one finished to a gold/rose gold color. BAWSE. Long story short- if you have medium to darker skin you won't run the risk of looking like a clown. Getcha some! #ad

Highlight Palette Link

Primer Base Link

Highlighting Pen Link

Have you tried any of these products? How did they work (or not work) for you? Recommendations for better product than whats above? I'd love to hear from you. Comment below! Subscribe to my NEW Youtube Channel HERE in the meantime! See you next week!