Year #1: What I Learned (The Hard Way) about Blogging

It's all fun and games until you're standing outside in the blistering cold with some balloons that won't do $@&%!! 

Welcome to the world of blogging--Year One!

On February first I will be making some BIG announcements- but until then I figured I would give you guys a hearty laugh with these failed balloon photos. I mean they were supposed to be super cute but then LIFE happened! The same is true for my lil' ol' blog here. Life hits hard sometimes. Ride with me on this struggle bus for a second.

In Year One-there was a STEEP learning curve when it came to social media. People don't tell you that there's a whole Westworld of social media hacks you need to know before you start!  Otherwise you, your two friends, and your grandma are going to be the only people seeing your posts! Blog marketing, branding, and getting subscribers is tough. Nobody likes to say that out loud (apparently) but it's true for me. TIMES IS HARD! 

In Year One- I learned that once people start reading your blog they assume that you won't blog for very long. Let's be real- most blogs fail at about 9-10 months. It can be rough to keep up, but staying consistent has made all the difference. It keeps up a momentum and it forces you to plan. SO WHEN you get to be "sponsored by Facebook" you have to have your ish togetha! 

In Year One- I learned to let my hunny proofread. You will lose readers if you don't proofread. Do not underestimate!

In Year One- I memorized all the photo measurements for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I downloaded dozens of editing apps only to discover that most of them are a WASTE of iPhone space. Easier editing comes from taking great pictures to begin with, and no app can do that for you. 

In Year One- I discovered that (some) people on Facebook are legitimate creepers. There is a whole group of people on Facebook who view my blog, view my pages, view my videos.....but don't COMMENT, OR LIKE, OR SHARE ANYTHING. You're a ghost group. I don't understand you! I appreciate the views, but I would love any interaction. How do I know you're a ghost?!??!? FB tells me every time someone views any of my stuff. ALL of it. ALL the time. 

In Year One- I learned how to pitch my blog and market myself. I worked with a TON of companies and most of them were awesome! Some of my photos were used officially, while others made it onto designer websites. However, some folks HATED my style, voice, and thought my pictures were "disappointing" then ran for the hills. So goes LIFE! 

In Year One- I learned that side hustles can go south if you don't know your worth and charge accordingly. I was hustlin' media kits for a few months but then I got TOO many orders.  I couldn't keep up with them because they took hours just to make one; so I ended up giving people their money back. And I HATE losing money I already made. HATE. Lesson learned. 

In Year One- Finally, I learned to be me. You can't market to everyone. The more authentic you are, the more people feel connected. I watered myself down for the first few months just to "appeal to a larger audience." Don't do that. When I stopped trying to tone down my "ratchet-ness" and just do what makes me happy, I discovered that folks felt more comfy interacting.  I became much more successful being honest and helpful than trying to be appealing. I'm not too deep in the blogosphere. I never want to get "so big" that I don't TALK to people. Y'all got me here; so I'd like to keep ya around!

In a few days I will release my Blogoversary video! WOOOT! I have exciting news to share and I hope you will continue to support me and my new adventures! Comment below with things you had to learn while blogging. See you soon! Bye!