Why Criticism is Scarier Than Tyra Banks

I usually make moves in silence but today I guess I'll spill the beans. By the time you read this I'll be preparing for a casting by call for a modeling opportunity. Can't lie, it's scary. I'm scuuured. The modeling world is brutal. I'm excited for the opportunity but I am also expecting the worst. Being REJECTED and told I'm "too fat" (industry standards are still leaning towards size 2- and I am NOT a size 2 at all), "not tall enough", "too muscular" or as it was politely stated "non-dress-able athletic build." CHHHHIIIILLLE. I can be a lot of things but I cannot be a giraffe. LOL. Lemme stop! 


Since I am mentally preparing for this task I came up with my top three tips on taking criticism. I would give these to the OLD me (and by old me I mean like a few months ago). Feel free to ponder them deeply or pass them along to a friend in need (and yes we all have that one friend who needs this!

Listen before defending- I learned in my few years of adulting that most folks in your life - at work, at school, in your social life- want to see you do well. Not every piece of advice may be useful,  but each piece is certainly not a personal attack. You can't take everything to heart. IT'S NOT THAT DEEP. It's really not. Nobody is coming for your neck. Give constructive criticism time to sink in before you start fuming, "reading" people like Real Housewives of Atlanta, and defending your ego.

Be teachable- The best leaders are those who are able to listen and follow. There will always be someone doing something better than you. Accept it. We all want to feel special- I mean, some folks even have whole websites dedicated to their life and outfits (Ha! See what I did there?!)  It's important to consult with the professionals and have enough humility to learn something new. Folks may not remember your name but they always remember how you make them feel. Don't ruin a future opportunity because you were in yo' feelings and stopped listening to quality guidance.


Ask for more"What can I do better?" It's such a basic question but I ask it almost everyday at work. If they reject me today I will ask the casting directors this question. Your best should not always be the minimum required effort. You will never get recognition for staying in your comfort zone and doing "just enough." Ask for criticism when you are in a mental space to receive it! Save yourself unsolicited feedback in the future. Accept criticism when you ask for it OR deal with a rant + criticism later.

Outfit Deets: I jazzed up my favorite coat with a faux fur scarf atop a cream turtleneck dress. I paired this with some pointed toe suede knee-high boots from H&M (because my short boots had my ankles cold and ashy) in the snowy 7 degree Ohio weather! I added my new Brahmin purse to the mix to bring all the neutrals together. BOOM. Done. 

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