How To REALLY Thrift Shop: The Do's and Don'ts of Thrift Shopping

Yes y'all,  I am edging towards thrifting! I have been thrifting all my life to be 100% honest, and I am here to give you tips on what to do, and what NOT to do while you are popping' tags boo! 

What You Missed On My Incredible Trip To Thailand

Where are we going next guys? This video took forever to edit since it was almost an hour long to start! WE DID EVERYTHING! I had to leave a few things out, but I will be adding photos and detailed info on my blog soon! In the meantime enjoy this video overview of my trip to Thailand with Gate 1 Travel. Comments/questions welcome!

MY STYLE MASH UP - Featured Outfits On My Blog :)

Since I am new to the YT I figured I would show you my style. Here's a quick mash-up of some of my looks over the past year. You can see my blog for more and my IG for videos (with the copyright music included LOL) Questions and comments welcome!