The Tricky Vibes Blog is for the passionate writers, the quirky fashionistas, and uncanny artists. Here you will find empowered women who embrace and share their unique personal style and everyday inspiration without pretentiousness or judgement.  Launching in February 2016, Trickyvibes.com was born as creative space for poetry, fashion, and lifestyle blogging of... well me, Alisha! I have always loved writing and performing poetry, but finding my own personal style has been a struggle #thestruggleisREAL. Fusing my favorite hobbies together as the Tricky Vibes Blog I am still discovering my look as well as my voice and I hope you come along with me!
Funny story- so this is actually my second blog! HA! My first blog was a food and restaurant blog ( it will forever have a place in my heart :) and while I enjoyed reviewing restaurants in collaboration with Urbanspoon I just felt that it was more of a chore than a fun hobby and with that The Tricky Vibes Blog was born!
Originally from the Carolinas, I currently reside in San Antonio, TX and am married to the most beautiful military fighting women on the planet. As a blogger by night and social worker by day I SQUEEZE blogging into my crazy schedule between Crossfit...and Yoga....and Pole Dancin'! I've been crafting poetry since grade school and will be challenging myself to write daily. The personal style inspiration posts will be scattered in between as my style ranges from "boho chic" to "neutrals with a touch of glam" to "edgy streetwear". Basically- I wear whatever I want and  I encourage you to do the same. My style advice is always "YES! You CAN pull that off!" #dropsmic
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Hope to hear from you soon!